Ponds And Water Features

Koi Pond

Water features provide homeowner’s with a unique and creative way to decorate their outdoor living space. Our decorative water features are the perfect solution to small spaces or a beautiful statement to add to an existing garden. Our Healing and Therapy gardens are exactly what their name implies. They are a place created for healing the soul.

We start with a water feature; whether it’s a small pond or pondless waterfall, Urn fountain, bubbling rock, spillway bowl, or any one of our pondless options. Then we design a garden around it. Add a place to sit and rest awhile, and let your healing begin. It is our goal is to assist you in creating your own one of a kind water feature. We want the opportunity to help you create your dream water feature and bring it to life.

Beautiful, relaxing and magical, there is a certain sense of serenity that comes about with the inclusion of a colorful koi pond. You can craft a stunning retreat in your own backyard; allowing you to escape the busy lives and offering a moment of solitude and reflection. Our Ecosystem ponds are created to be a healthy, happy environment for plant and animal life alike. The options for design are endless and specifically tailored to your wants and needs. These systems also allow you to keep maintenance to a minimum. We cover energy efficiency, water conservation, pond maintenance, as well as the care of aquatic plants, Koi, and other pond fish.